Debug Script

You can use all debug stuff that a debugger should provide, for instance, we can use breakpoints. You can configure debugger via Script Execution.

Debug Console

Iedis 2 launches a debug console during a debug session, you can execute Redis commands via debug console:

debug console

Auto Completion

Iedis 2 provide command auto-completion in debug console which is the same as Command Execution:

auto completion


Iedis 2 provide command documentation in debug console which is the same as Command Execution:


Command Execution

Iedis 2 will print the detail of command interaction in the debugger if you choose Print Redis call detail when stepping over in Script Execution. This is pretty useful to determine that how your script affects the data set:

command execution detail

You can use redis.debug() to print debug message to serve as logger.debug() for debugging purpose:

debug message

Note: This is available when you use breakpoints.

Code Evaluation

You can run other Lua script while you’re debugging an existing script. You can evaluate code by right-click on Lua editor -> select Evaluate Expression:

evaluate expression

You can execute script via evaluate expression dialog:

evaluate expression dialog

If your script is long you can switch to evaluate code fragment mode:

evaluate code fragment

A string with a single world will be determined as a variable, and Iedis 2 will use PRINT command to display it’s current value in current debug session. Otherwise, Lua script will be evaluated using EVAL command.

Note: The EVAL command is executed in a different call frame.


You can use watcher to monitor things to help you debugging easier: