Config Monitor

Iedis 2 provides some simple ways to config and monitor Redis server. These operations are only available on a single server, you can use these operations by right-clicking on your desired server:


Config Server

All available server options are listed. Each time you select an item it’s corresponding documentation will be visible at the bottom of the list:

server options

The value will become editable when clicking on the value field that you want to edit. The value will be saved automatically each time you press after you finish editing or change a dropdown value:

edit server option

Use speed search to locate config options quickly:

speed search

Slow Log

Slow log lists commands which are slow, the time when it was logged and it’s execution time in both ms and µs. Iedis 2 update them every second, you can change the size of slow log:

slow log

Client List

Iedis 2 use client list command to print information of clients currently connecting to a Redis server. The information is updated every second.

client list

You can kill clients by selecting clients you want to kill and use right-clicking -> Kill Selected Clients:

kill clients