Almost all commands can be executed via Iedis 2 including blocking ones, for instance, SUBSCRIBE.

Execute Commands Partially

Select the commands that you want to execute and click execute or use shortcut ⌘ + ↩ on Mac and Ctrl + ↩ on Windows to execute the selected commands:

execute partially

Execute All Commands

Select nothing or select all commands, then click execute or use shortcut ⌘ + ↩ on Mac and Ctrl + ↩ on Windows to execute all commands:

execute all

Commands History

command history

Commands won’t get executed automatically when it’s copied from history dialog because Iedis 2 has no idea of what’s your script doing.

Execute Result

All commands are executed one by one. Iedis 2 stops executing subsequent commands if any command execution error happens.

The result of each command will be present with a tab in the result panel at the bottom of IDE. We also make the result of some frequently used commands much more human readable.

execute result

Blocking Commands

Blocking commands, for instance, SUBSCRIBE, will get a new tab to present the result each time a new message is received.

blocking commands2

View As

You can view command execute result as JSON, XML, etc.

view as

Stop Executing

We can stop command execution, for instance, to terminate a blocking command. To stop the execution, we can click terminate or use the shortcuts ⌘ + F2 on Mac and Ctrl + F2 on Windows:

stop executing