Code Completion

Iedis 2 provides code completion while you’re editing commands. All code completion are aware of context for convenience:

auto completion

Syntax Highlighting

Iedis 2 provides syntax highlighting to indicate command syntax errors:

syntax highlighting


You can comment your commands to explain details of your script. Iedis 2 use // to comment, you can use it at the end of a command or use at the beginning of a new line:



Place your caret at any command character and use shortcut F1 to show quick documentation of a command, documentation will be rendered very quickly as they are offline:



You should format your script by using shortcut ⌘ + ⌥ + L on Mac and Ctrl + Alt + L on Windows to make your script readable.

Multi Commands

You can write many commands as you like in a console editor:

multi commands

Script History

Iedis 2 remembers scripts you executed. You can browse them quickly in history dialog by click history or use shortcut ⌥ + ⌘ + E on Mac and Alt + Ctrl + E on Windows.

browse history

You can select a script by using shortcut and editor will be filled by the script you selected.