• Fixes
    • Can’t connect to server


  • New Features
    • Clone member
    • Support Unix Domain Sockets
    • Ensure member name doesn’t exist when add/clone member
    • Report bug just from IDE
  • Updates
    • Use default value when add new member for lit/set/zset
    • Use smaller minimum size for the left most panel


  • New Features
    • Support SSL/TLS
    • Redis key auto-completion
    • Clone server configuration
  • Updates
    • Trim host name when connecting to Redis server
    • Show concrete error message if Iedis 2 can’t connect to Redis server
    • Use password storage to store sensitive data
    • Show existing DB only in tree viewer


  • New Features
    • We can now use selected patterns (Instead of whole patterns) to scan keys in KeyExplorer
    • Directly press enter to edit member elements
    • Make sure ‘Flush DB’ action won’t be applied by mistake
    • Use default selection color in various themes
    • Open same KeyExplorer and TreeViewer editor for different cluster nodes
    • Simplify member elements
    • Simplify key summary
    • Try to use last selected value editor after failing to decode value
  • Fixes
    • ‘soft wrapping’ issue
    • ‘Keyboard arrows don’t work in member views’ issue


  • New Features
    • Use new license model
    • View databases and key/value in a tree manner
    • Focus proper component after executing actions
    • Upgrade Jedis to 3.0.1
    • Update connection timeout to a larger value
    • Update icons
    • Add ‘FlushDB’ action
    • Suggest new key name when clone/add new key
    • Directly press enter to rename key when it’s selected
    • Use balloon notification instead of warning dialog when value can’t be decoded
    • Use shorter file name for Redis editor
    • We can now set TTL for multiple keys
    • We can now delete multiple keys
    • We can now delete multi members at the same time
    • Stop background task when Iedis window loses focus
    • Resource usage optimization
    • Sort members in tree viewer and key explorer
    • Persist editor state when it’s closed
  • Fixes
    • ‘Infinite error message if value can’t be decoded’ issue